Welcome to the GSB visual art program.

The visual art curriculum for K-8 students establishes strong foundational skills while supporting advanced concepts and individual learning. I have developed a comprehensive art program for GSB students that uses the teaching framework called, the ‘Eight Studio Habits of Mind’, developed by Harvard’s Project Zero. This framework is a fantastic tool that supports deeper learning, self reflection, and greater meaning for students.

The domains of the studio habits include: Observe, engage & persist, stretch & explore, envision, self expression, develop craft, self reflection, and understand the art world. Along with using a framework to enhance learning, students study the seven Elements of Art and Principles of Design. These concepts are the building blocks for communicating about what we see in the visual world, and include: Elements- line, shape, color, space, form, texture, value, and Principles- balance, harmony, emphasis, contrast, pattern, movement, rhythm.

-Coreysha Stone